16 January, 2017

Summer program


Blanquerna – Universitat Ramon Llull School of Communication and International Relations presents the Summer Study Program, a training module aimed at foreign students who want to immerse themselves in the culture, media and art industry in Spain, while improving or starting to learn Spanish and English.

Blanquerna-URL welcomes both undergraduate and graduate students from over the world to study in Barcelona, one of the most dynamic, productive and energetic cities in Spain this summer. Enhance your academic credentials, advance your career, or explore and interest!

2018 Summer School Program provides excellent opportunities for students to learn about Catalonia and Spain through academic and cultural immersion during this summer. A wide range of course in various disciplines are provided, as International Relations, Media and Communication Studies, Spanish Literature, Art and Cultural Practices, each of which will be accompanied with Spanish language courses for both beginners and intermediate learners.

Join us for this summer and discover your potential at Blanquerna-URL!

In addition to academic lectures, local excursions, cultural activates and field trips are also available for International participants. From these extracurricular activities, students will learn more about Catalan and Spanish culture, history, politics and latest development. Here is a chance to experience local culture firsthand and make friends from all over the world.


Application Process

You need to complete the Online Application and you will then receive the confirmation two weeks from your application so you can proceed with the payment by the 20th of March.

  • Please notice that applicants can only attend one course across the program.


Course schedule

  1. Lectures will be held in the morning, and field trips or visit will be arranged in the afternoon from Monday to Thursday. Spanish language and culture course will be conducted on every Tuesday and Thursday evening. There are no classes in the weekends.
  2. If the number of participants is less than 15 students, the course will be canceled. Notification of class cancellation will be posted on the website on the 1st of May, 2018. Students can have two choices when filing the online application. If the first one is canceled, the applicant will be automatically reassigned to the second course.
  3. Please check our website and catalogue for the updated version of the schedule of each course.

By joining the program, in addition to the excellent lectures, you will also receive:

  • Welcome reception
  • Cultural activities
  • Filed trip
  • Local experiences
  • Integration with local students


Important Dates

Session A Session B
Duration 10/07/18 – 20/07/18 10/07/18 – 30/07/18
Application Period 01/12/17 – 20/03/18 01/12/17 – 20/03/18
Application Deadline 20/03/18 20/03/18
Registration & Accommodation check-in 8:00am – 4:00pm


8:00am – 4:00pm


Welcome Reception 4:00pm-6pm




Course Begin 11/07/18 11/07/18
Course End 20/07/18 30/07/18
Accommodation check-out 8:00am – 4:00pm


8:00am – 4:00pm




Session A Session B
Application fee 50 Euros 50 Euros
Tuition fee 2.550 Euros 4.150 Euros
Total 2.600 Euros 4.200 Euros
Deadline of Payment 20/03/18 20/03/18


Refund Policy

The application fee is non-refundable.

Withdrawal is defined as the dropping of an entire academic program.


Cancelation date Remarks
By March 20, 2018 Full refund
By May 15, 2018 50% refund 50%
After May 15, 2018 No refunds



You will be notified of the result through email within two weeks after you complete the application.



Accommodation is very busy during summer time in Barcelona, thus the room reservation should be made as soon as possible. To ensure you have a place in the summer program, please register the online application as soon as you can.


More detailed information regarding with the accommodation will be released once you have been admitted to the Summer School Program.



Blanquerna-URL will provide students with Offer Letter and Admission Notice. Applicant should bring the visa paperwork, Offer Letter, Admission Notice, Insurance paper and a valid passport to the local Spanish embassy or consulate to apply for a short term student visa (except for EU students).



Students who plan to attend this program should have obtained insurance before they come to study in Spain. Each student needs to present the insurance certificate to the administrative staff on the registration day.



An Official certificate will be issued to the student who completes the course by the University.



For more information, please contact:

Mei Huang, Manager of the Summer School Program

Email: meihuang@blanquerna.url.edu

Tel: (0034)932533108





Session A

Topic 1: Art and Culture experiences in Barcelona

Topic 2: International Relations and City Governance


Session B

Topic 3: Spanish Language and Literature Studies

Topic 4: New Media Study and Discovering Creativity




Session A

Topic 1

Art and Culture experiences in Barcelona (taught in English)

Duration: 10/07/2018 – 20/07/2018

Campus:  School of Communication and International Relations

Course Description: This Course aims to introduce Catalan and Spanish art and culture in the local concept and further to the international level to our participants, including the history, developments, current status, and possible predictions of the future. Students will not only learn from theoretical classes, but also by visiting the significant architectures and museums, historical artifacts and churches, they will get a border view of the understanding of local art and cultural landscape.

Highlight:  Amazing tours with the tutors to: Sagrada Familia church, Park Guell and the other modernist landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudi. Museum of Picasso and Foundation Joan Miro, Montjuic and Camp Nou.

Professors in our faculty in this field: 

Prof. Lluis Anyo: Introduction:

Prof. Mei Huang: Introduction:


Attendance:  15%

Participation in question discussion: 20%

Visit report: 30%

Final Program summary: 35%


Topic 2

International Relations and City Governance (taught in English)

Duration: 10/07/2018 – 20/07/2018

Campus:  School of Communication and International Relations

Course Description: This course focuses on current important issues in Catalan & Spanish and EU political discourses with an interdisciplinary approach. Through seminars, field trips, and other activities, students have the opportunity to experience traditional Catalan and Spanish culture and conduct in-depth analysis of public policy with local experts. It covers the following area: public policy analysis, city if Barcelona governance case studies, field trip to visit urban communities and traditional local cultural activities such as tapas festival etc.


  • Develop expert level knowledge of hot Catalan & Spanish political and economic issues.
  • Understand Catalan & Spanish and EU urban governance through the theoretical and practical research.
  • From unique insights into the field of Catalan & Spanish and EU studies.
  • Expand cultural fluency and knowledge of Catalan & Spanish culture.

Professors in our faculty in this field

Prof. Onno Seroo: Introduction:

Prof. Xavier Marti: Introduction:


Attendance, participation in question discussion: 20%

Presentations: 20%

Final research paper: 60%



Session B

Topic 3

Spanish Language and Literature (taught in Spanish)

Duration: 10/07/2018 – 30/07/2018

Campus:  School of Communication and International Relations

Course Description: The Course of Spanish Language and Literature aims to both beginner and mid-level students who are interested in Spanish language and literature study. Through reading, writing, listening, and speaking practices in the classes with the professors and classmates, the students will gain good knowledge and skills of the language. The local movies, theaters, books and exhibitions will be also introduced in the course, at the end of the course the student will not only achieve the certain level of language, but also understand more cultural context and enjoy rich local experiences.


  • Practice Spanish with local people and make local friends.
  • Understand the Spanish cultural contexts and the background of the language.
  • Enjoy the local movies, theaters, books and exhibitions.
  • Join the local cultural activities: theater festival, park music festival.

Professors in our faculty in this field

 Prof. Caterina Molina: Introduction:

Prof. Vicens Pages: Introduction:


Attendance: 20%

Participation in question discussion: 20%

Final exam: 60%


Topic 4

New Media study and discovering creativity (taught in English):

Duration: 02/07/2018 – 20/07/2018

Campus:  School of Communication and International Relations

Course Description: This course contains three parts: communication theories study, technology skills and creativity practices, with various teaching approaches such as in-class instruction, filed trips, case analysis and multi-cultural perspectives, to inspire students’ creativity. At the end of course, the students will be asked to create a video project based in the living and cultural experiences in Barcelona.


  • Experiences in new technology and advanced theories and practices in new media study.
  • The newest updated technology equipment and facilities at the school.
  • Professors who are working in the field and industry.
  • Understand more details of the practices of cultural and creative industry through the creative industry field trip.

Professors in our faculty in this field

 Prof. Pere Masip: Introduction:

Prof. Jaume Suau: Introduction:


 Class Participation: 20%

Group Exercises & presentations: 20%

Final video project: 60%